Grand Asia Market and A & C supermarket in Raleigh (Asian Grocery)

Triangle Oriental Supermarkets

Many people asked me "Where is the Asian Grocery or Supermarket in Triangle?"

There are two popular grocery stores
(1)Grand Asia Supermarket in Raleigh (Close to Cary Crossroad)
You will see Chinese food, bakery, live fish, ...e.t.c. Honestly, you will find not only Chinese food but also Thai, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Japan,...e.t.c I think you will find a good mixed of variety and you will surprise they carry so many things not only food and drinks but even shampoo, toys, oriental decoration, movies, CD...e.t.c

The second one is A&C Seafood supermarket over Garner which you will able to find a lot of oriental food, snacks, ...e.t.c
Both of them are very good in price but it really depends which you lived. If you lived over Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Holly Springs, ...e.t.c Grand Asia will be the one more close to you. On the other hand, if you lived in Raleigh and Garner area, you will find A&C seafood supermarket is closer than Grand Asia.