Seller want to retain possession after closing??

Seller want to retain possession after closing?
I just helped my buyer put an offer and the offer is accepted by the seller. My buyer got a very good deal cause the house is well maintained, taken care by the owner and the house met all my buyer's need. But the problem is the seller need two more days to move out from the house. That means my buyer will close on the house on Monday but they can only move into the house on Thursday!
Why??? The seller told us they bought a new house in a nearby subdivision and they will have a back to back closing in the same day. So, they need the money from selling their house to pay for the new home purchase.
In this case, what should you do?

Imagine what if the house burn down by fire? Who will responsible? What if the seller's moving company damaged the house while they move out??
Since my buyer really like the house and if they don't help the seller to first close their house and so the seller can move out to their new house, my buyer cannot move in.

We will sign seller possession after closing agreement and ask the closing attorney to structure the arrangement so my buyer's interests will be protected. It need to state out clearly not only the utilities and rent but also the worst case happen like someone get hurt while moving out or unexpected incidents.

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