Selling your house in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Morrisville and RTP area, North Carolina

We all know the good tims for seller is gone and you know how many reduced listings everyday and so if you are buyer in this market. I want to tell you it is lots of bargain out there but there are lots of bargain hunters in our market too.

Anyway, if you are trying to sell your house right now, it doesn't matter it is good time or bad time, you need to be realistic and willing to change when everyone is changing.

1)Curb appeal - Your lawn condition and landscaping sent a strong message to the potential buyer that the seller take good care of the house or not. I have a few incidents that when we stopped in front of the house and my buyer told me we can skip that house. Why?? The front yard was full of weeds and there was no sign that the seller spent anytime outside.

Buyers really like to use their imagination and based on what they see and guess how good/bad the owner is. So, if you don't have time to mowe or take care your lawn, contract out and cause it sent a Huge message to the buyer.

2)AC/Heat is OFF/ON - You cannot imagine my buyer and I went into a very nice house with basement but we all left less than 5 minutes. It was 100 degree outside and the AC was off. You can imagine how hot we were down in the basement. Also, don't turn the heat off when outside is only 10 degree

3)Smell/Taste - If you like to cook food with strong smell or your house has bad ventaliation or you smoke, please go outside the house cause the smell will soak into the carpet and it is very hard to clear the smell. You can use the reed diffuser, smoke eater or some sense candle but my best suggestion is really don't let any smell hinder your buyer.

4)Pre-inspected the house - If you already pre-inspected the house and already fixed them and is ready to move in. Even if you don't fixed and it saved your buyer couple hundred and they can just consider the repair cost. It can speed up the process and reduce the chance to re-negotiate the repair cost again and again.

5)Handyman touchup job - I will recommend if you are still compete with your builder and you may want to have a handyman to touch up most of your comestic works and fix the squeeky floor. Especially if the builder will still warantty 1 year and you will not or you can throw a AHS warranty at least make them feel better.

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