Downtown Raleigh Condos and other new developments...

I was invited to visit my friends' new condo located at RBC plaza from which we can overlook the whole downtown Raleigh, capitol and all the surrounding areas. It is only about 5 minutes walking distance to the Marble Kids Musesum. We walked there lesiurely with the kids and spent a couple of hours fun time at the museum.
After we walked back to RBC Plaza, the kids and adults enjoyed a Disney movie in the "home theater" at the RBC clubhouse. On the 23rd floor where the club house is located, there are a huge outdoor patio area and a swimming pool. Inside the club house, there are a gym room, big kitchen area, a pool table and game tables for residents to use -- a great place to relax and hang out. My daughter kept telling me we need to go back to "Uncle Bruce's hotel room". It is true that living in the condo is just like living in a hotel -- you have all kinds of amenities inside and you can walk to the restaurants, shops, museums...e.t.c. It was such a great experience because you can enjoy city living without the big city hustle and bustle yet. No one could have thought that "city life style" would be in Raleigh a couple of years back.
But now, Downtown Raleigh is having more and more new condo developments such as West, Qorum and 222 Glenwood (they are having a closeout Sales right now ) in the Glewood South area which is more convenient to shops and restaurants and is more established. RBC Plaza is more close to the museums like Kids Marble Musesum (and Imax theather) and Museum of Natural Sicenses and is more central to the activities and events. There are choices and options for sure.
City living is finally here in downtown Raleigh. With the new convention center, new Marriott hotel, to be built City Plaza, Campbell University Law School and more offices relocating to downtown, the "new and trendy" city life styles in Raleigh downtown is getting more exciting and thriving.
Downtown Raleigh is divided into 4 major districts: Glenwood South, Warehouse District, Capital District and Fayetteville Street District. Each district is with its unique appeal and characteristics.
If you are interested to know more about the city living in Downtown Raleigh and Five points area, please feel free to email me or call me for more information.

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