Chinese American Friendship Association Annual Picnic Party on April 26 Sunday 10-4p.m

2009 CAFA Picnic Party Events on Sunday, April 26, 10am - 4pm
(1) Kids Games (11am to 3pm),
• Horse Riding (2 horses and 1 pony)
• Titanic adventure slide
• Mickey moonwalk
• Money machine
• Duck pond
• Chicken wing fling
• Can smash
• Bowling
(2) Reunion activities (11am to 4pm)
This is for reunion of people from same college/university/province/town/city. When you arrive, please go to the registration table and write down your name, college you graduated from and which province/city you were from. Then your group can choose place of gathering in the park.
(3) CAFA Club activities
CAFA clubs will introduce themselves to CAFA members and friends.
(4) Meet the President (11am to 1pm)
President or CAFA board chair will answer CAFA members' questions and collect any suggestions.
(5) Art performance and singing PK (11am to 4pm)
We will have some of the best performers in triangle area to bring wonderful shows. We will also have live band performance.
(6) Lunch (11:30am to 1:30pm)
We will start serving lunch at 11:30am. Lunch boxes, home made food and pizzas will be served. Drinks are free. We encourage people to bring home made food, cakes and other desserts.
(7) Family games (1pm to 3pm)
As usual, we will have many family games for fun. This year, tug-of-war game (拔河) will still be one of the favorite games.
(8) Youth group activities (10am to 4pm)
To attract young adults and kids to CAFA picnic party, we will have some games and shows for them. Below are some ideas people have provided to us.
(9) Talent Competition for Kids at all ages
This could include singing, dancing, instruments and Hula Hoops etc. We could also make it a family Talent show
Wii Competition
Among all the games, "Guitar Hero" is the most fun. We could start a Guitar Hero competition at the picnic
Group Singing competition
Volleyball games
CAFA picnic party held once a year and is the largest party in the area and involved lots of volunteers and sponsors. It is free and you only pay for your lunch box and welcome to join this family event on April 26th, 2009

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