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Chinese Embassy has granted the Chinese-American Friendship Association in North Carolina (CAFA-NC) the AUTHORITY to process Chinese Visa Application regularly. CAFA will accept the applications for local applicants based on their request and time.CAFA is planning to process the visa application in June, 2009. Please send your request about your application #, departure time to , CAFA will make a formal announcement to collect your passport and application documents on a give date and place.CAFA briefly summarizes some rules/regulations issued from the Embassy about the visa application for your reference.1.

Regarding Item 1.4 and 1.6 of the application form, "Hong Kong", "Macau", "Taiwan" or "Republic of China" (ROC) is not recognized as a "Country" or a "Former Nationality". It ought to be "China", "People's Republic of China" (PRC) or "Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, China".

2. American citizens can stay in Hong Kong for up to 90 days without a visa if not for employment, training, residence, investment or overseas study purposes.

3. Third country nationals need to provide a photocopy of their legal resident or visa status in the United States, such as a green card, work permit or valid visa.

4. When priests, pastors, ministers, chaplains and other members of the clergy and writers, journalists, reporters, publishers, photographers, broadcasters, producers and other professionals of the media apply for a tourist visa, the applicants will need to write a personal letter stating that their purpose of trip to China will be solely for tourism and they will not engage in any activities related to their occupation.

5. Chinese Americans born in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan should put down their Chinese names in Chinese characters when filling in the application form. Those whose passports do not display at least one previous Chinese visa will need to present a copy of either their previous Chinese visa, former Chinese (including Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwanese) passport, or other official documents bearing their Chinese name.

6. Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwanese passport holders who have not acquired US citizenship should apply for a "Travel Document of the People's Republic of China" to enter mainland China. Otherwise, apply for a Chinese visa with their US passports.

7. First-time visa applications for children who were born in the United States and to a Chinese mother and/or father will require a copy of the applicant's birth certificate and a copy of either one of the parents' green card or US passport. Or else, apply for a Chinese Travel Document instead.

8. For Business (F) visa applications, an invitation letter from China and/or an introduction letter from the applicant's employer, or if any, other relevant supporting documents are required.

9. Applicants who have acquired at least two F visas or have been issued a multiple entry F visa within the recent past are eligible for a 2-year Business (FU) visa. Besides the cover letters, they will need to present copies of their previous F visas.

10. For Employment/Work (Z) visa, apart from a visa notification issued by an authorized Chinese unit (usually the foreign affairs office of the local government), please submit either one of the following documents:
1) Original Work Permit for Aliens issued by the Chinese Ministry of Labor and Social Security and its copy.
2) Original Foreign Expert's Working Permit issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

11. For applicants who will be enrolled and study in China, in addition to the visa application form, copies of their school admission letter and JW202 (or JW201) Form (Visa Application for Study in China) should be submitted (Please note that the JW202 (or JW201) Form is not a substitute for the Chinese Visa Application Form). Those who will study in China for over 180 days will be issued a Study (X) visa, whereas an "F" visa will suffice those studying for 180 days or less.

12. Those applicants who wish to travel to Tibet and need to apply for a visa including entry into Tibet from the Visa Office should obtain a "Travel Permit" from the Tibet Tourism Bureau prior to their visa application. And those who plan to visit Urumqi, Turpan, Kashgar or other parts of Xinjiang Autonomous Region will need to present a detailed itinerary.

13. Once visa applications have been processed, no change of visa type, number of entry, duration of stay and pick-up date can be made due to its great inconvenience. Any misissuance of visas as a result of discrepancies between the code on the submission form and the request made by the applicant in the application form is the submitter's responsibility. Corrections of this kind will not be made at our cost.

14. It takes longer to process certain cases that require special clearances. Therefore, be advised that Chinese Embassy cannot guarantee that every application can be finished within 4 working days. Please let the applicant understand.

15. The Embassy reserves the right to suspend or withdraw a visa agency's authorization in case of any misuse of its self-drop-off rights, serious violations of our rules and regulations, too many erroneous submissions, or no / few submissions for an extended period of time.

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