How a onsite agent turn the buyers agent away!

To all Home builders and Sellers!! Be careful when you pick your representative when selling or marketing your homes cause if you pick a wrong one and no matter how good the house and price you offered, it still hard to move or sell anything!

nces It happened yesterday in a beautiful neighborhood in Morrisville but I see a lots of vacant lots and they started to build 3 years ago and other nearby neighborhoods already sold out and I guess I know the reasons behind.

I was trying to set up an appointment for my buyer and I called the Sales office to tell the onsite agent that my buyer and I would like to visit them but I told him we did look around other nearby neighborhoods. The onsite agent immediately questioned " Did you try to ask your buyer not to consider our neighborhood?" I was shocked cause I did not expect the onsite agent who I never meet will question me why I take my buyer to look at other neighborhoods.

Then, he asked me another question "Did you have your buyer agency agreement signed and show it to me when you guys are here." I can tell you I feel I am talking to a Cop instead of the onsite agent. I sold 7 houses this month (Three of them are presale & price over $450K and sold so many presale homes and lots in different new home subdivisions and never ever questioned by any onsite agent to ask me to bring the agency agreement or ask me to prove it to him. We set up to meet at the Sales Office at 4p.m. and my buyer called me that he could not get off from work until 5:30p.m I called the onsite agent immediately and let him know we need to re-scehdule to 5:30p.m. The onsite agent was not happy and told me he supposed to get off work at 6p.m and asked me why we need to re-scheudle. I told him the buyer could not get off from work and he still was not happy.

If you are Home builder and seller, you should really found out how your onsite agent talking and treating to your potential buyers and fellow buyer agents. If the onsite agent or listing agent did not care the present and future working relationship with one another and it really turned off the buyers or other agent's willingness to come back and visit your subdivison/house!!

It is defintely not a good experience to me and my buyer and I really feel sorry for the company who hire a Cop instead of a onsite agent to welcome the buyer and buyer agent.

Hannah Chan, GRI


Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc.