Cary Raleigh won the 3rd Best Place to Start Business

Cary Raleigh won the 3rd Best Place to start Business!!

According to a new study by Fortune Small Business magazine and the Kauffman Foundation study ranks Cary Raleigh third best place among the nation's largest metropolitan areas to a start a business which published on October 13, 2009.

I Highlighted the KEY ELEMENTS...

The capital city of the Tar Heel state attracts entrepreneurs with its QUALITY FAMILY and HIGHLY EDUCATED WORKFORCE." says the profile.
HOUSING is another strength for Cary-Raleigh, according to the profile: "Housing is affordable compared to other parts of the country with comparably competitive technology markets, an advantage that attracts YOUNG PROFESSIONALS eager to start a family. So many of them have flocked to Raleigh bedroom communities like Cary.

The Fortune Small Business writeup on Cary-Raleigh also gives the area points for Research Triangle Park, a strong technology base and THREE MAJOR RESEARCH UNIVERSITIES - DUKE, NORTH CAROLINA and NORTH CAROLINA STATE

The rankings were compiled based on a number of economic and social metrics. Raleigh/Cary, for example, posted a small business growth rate of 12.5% compared with the "best places average" of 5.9 percent. The percentage of the population ages 25 through 34 with a Bachelor's degree was 43.4% compared with the "best places average' of 33.4 percent.

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