Which bank has the best customer services in Triangle?

I spent my whole morning to deposit lots of check for my company, my clients, the closing attorney and my investors and so I went to Captial Bank, Bank Of America. Wachovia, Suntrust Bank and I felt I can share my thought with you.
I can tell you I enjoyed the most when I went to Capital Bank cause they always had fresh cookies and coffee and tea or even hot chocolate ready for you. They also offer 4.01% on my checking account which you cannot bet their rates and their services.
Then, I had to deposit the earnest money check in the attorney trust account at Wachovia bank, which they still offer bottle of water and chips.
I drove to the Suntrust and then Bank of America...I had to tell you that I love Capital Bank the Best not because their cookies and coffee. It is the philosophy behind their business to treat you like their friends...always made you feel welcome!

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