North Carolina Science and Technology and Opportunities by Chinese Association of Science and Technology North Carolina Chapter (CAST-NC)

Chinese Association of Science and Technology, North Carolina Chapter(CAST-NC, is pleased to announce an exciting and informative seminar "North Carolina Science and Technology and Opportunities" by Dr. John Hardin, Director of North Carolina Board ofScience and Technology.

Time: 5/30/2009 (Sat), 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM; there will be Q&A session afterthe seminar
Place: MCNC auditorium, 3021 Cornwallis Road, Research Triangle Park, NC27709

Dr. John Hardin will talk about the cutting edge science and technologydiscovered/developed in North Carolina. Dr. Hardin will also talk aboutNC job markets, and opportunities available for professionals to developeither in the path of being a scientist or an entrepreneur, including fromthe perspective of collaboration between China and North Carolina.

It is free for CAST-NC members and on-site membership application isavailable to public to be admitted free; non-members pay $5 at admission(free for students).

Fees collected are for covering auditorium renting anddrink.You can also join CAST-NC online, and bring yourapplication and payment to the seminar.

Hannah Chan, GRI

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