Ro Han Mem Taiwanese Cultural Troupe Performance THIS THURSDAY, May 14 @ NC State

Students from Taiwanese university came all the way to North Carolina to perform "Ro Han Mem Taiwanese Cultural Troupe" for us! This will be an AWESOME CULTURAL dance performance!
The performance will include Taiwanese traditional ballads and folk arts such as the magnificent Sung-Jiang Battle Array, Hakka folk songs, Indigenous music, as well as ethnic dance styles to reflect the diversity and legacy of Taiwanese culture. The Troupe's musicals highlight a variety of unique songs, dances, and battle array performances that are representative of distinctive Fukienese, Hakka, and Indigenous cultures, providing a vivid portrayal & storytelling of the mosaic as well as the resilience of Taiwanese ancestors in their early settlement in southern Taiwan, and the resulting solidarity among them.
Time: 7:00PM, Thursday, May 14Place: Stewart Theater , NC State University, RaleighTicket Price: $10, group rate $5.

Please contact for more information or RSVP to buy the tickets!!

Hannah Chan, GRI

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